We've anticipated that you may have some questions and have aimed to provide some answers below. 

When are Dr Das, Dr Bhowmik, and Tanya leaving?

Their last day will be Friday 20th January.

Are you hiring more GPs/Nurses?

Absolutely. We have been actively recruiting new GPs for the past several month with the aim to continue to offer the same level of excellent care that the Centre has become known for.

We’ve found this to be challenging given the current workforce shortages however we will be continuing to prioritise the search for new doctors.

Will I still be able to get a Drs appointment when I need one?

With the temporary reduction in staff, the possibility that you may be waiting longer than usual for an appointment is unavoidable.

We are continuing to actively recruit new GPs and trust that this impact is short-lived.

Is there a female GP or someone I can see for female health?

Currently we do not have a female GP on the staff, but we’re excited for the possibilities of new talents and skill sets in the recruitment of new doctors.

Dr Joe Turner is a GP Obstetrician and specialises in fertility/infertility, natural family planning and pregnancy care.

Our Practice Nurses are able to assist with certain screenings and procedures, however will not be able to issue prescriptions.

I was a patient of Dr Das/Dr Bhowmik. If I have to leave, am I able to return when you have new doctors?

Absolutely. We sincerely value our all of our patients and we are looking forward to be able to have you visit one of our new doctors just as soon as we get through this temporary shortage

Is the UNE Medical Centre still accepting new patients?

Not at this time. We very much look forward to being able to welcome new patients again once we have secured new doctors to the Centre and will be updating all our patients when our current capacity changes.