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Phase 1a and 1b of the COVID-19 Vaccination rollout is currently taking place for priority population.

UNE Medical Centre is currently facilitating bookings for group 1b.

If you’re in an eligible group, bookings can be made online. Please note, you must also be a Medicare cardholder. If you do not have a Medicare card you will need to attend a GP Respiratory Clinic.

If you’re unsure if you qualify, please see the FAQs below and check.


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If you are a new patient to our practice.
We advise that you book over the phone and arrive 20 minutes early, to ensure we have all the correct information. To book an appointment please phone 02 6773 2916.

COVID rollout FAQs

The Australian Technical Advisory Group on Immunisation (ATAGI) has advised the Australian Government on which groups should be prioritised for the first doses of the COVID-19 vaccination in Australia. This advice is consistent with guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO).

Phase 1a

Quarantine, border and front line health care workers will need to provide proof of occupation to demonstrate their eligibility

Quarantine and border workers, including:

  • staff at entry points to the country (such as sea ports and land borders)
  • staff working in quarantine facilities, including those employed under Commonwealth, state or private agreements, and
  • Commonwealth employees (including Defence personnel) who are identified as having the potential to encounter returning travellers as part of their work.
Frontline health care worker sub-groups for prioritisation

  • frontline staff in facilities or services such as hospital emergency departments,COVID-19 and respiratory wards, Intensive Care Units and High-dependency Units
  • laboratory staff handling potentially infectious material
  • ambulance and paramedics service
  • GP respiratory clinics
  • COVID-19 testing facilities

*All other healthcare workers are included in Phase 1b, including medical and tertiary students with placements in these healthcare settings.

Aged care and disability care staff

  • nursing and personal care staff
  • allied health professionals who routinely provide care
  • kitchen, cleaning, laundry, garden and office staff
Aged care and disability care residents


NSW Health Information

Phase 1b

Elderly adults aged 80 years and over
Elderly adults aged 70-79 years
Other health care workers
Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults 55 and over
Adults with an underlying medical condition or significant disability
*People will need to provide proof of these conditions to demonstrate their eligibility for vaccination via My health record, a health professional referral if required, or a declaration form.
Critical and high risk workers including defence, police, fire, emergency services and meat processing
* Workers will need to provide proof of occupation to demonstrate their eligibility.


NSW Health Information

Phase 2a

Adults aged 60-69 years
Adults aged 50-59 years
Continue vaccinating Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander adults
Other critical and high risk workers


NSW Health Information

Phase 2b

Balance of adult population
Catch up any unvaccinated Australians from previous phases


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